Firefighters save pregnant bulldog trapped under shed in Carmichael

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CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KTXL) — Firefighters in Carmichael saved a pregnant French bulldog who was trapped underground on the verge of giving birth.

The owner of Lucy is very happy to have her back along with Lucy’s five happy and healthy puppies.

“I was walking around here and heard her whining and realized she was stuck under there,” owner Alex Madden recalled.

Madden told FOX40 about the moment she realized that Lucy somehow wedged her way underneath their backyard family shed and could not get out. 

“On this side, there’s no room. Just enough room for a Frenchie to lay down and that’s about it,” Madden said.

The entire ordeal happened on the morning of Oct. 30, the same day Lucy was set to go to the veterinarian for a cesarean section. 

Before her pregnancy, Lucy dug a hole in the area and came there often to relax, which was pretty easy for her.

As she became pregnant with puppies, she came under and crawled further underneath the shed, and that’s when she got stuck.

“We tried digging her out, we tried going to the other side. We couldn’t do that, so that’s when I knew we needed to call the fire department,” Madden said.

After a call to 911, help was soon on the way.

Firefighters with Engine 24 of the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District rushed to the rescue, cutting a hole through the bottom of the shed and calling in a team that used special tools to lift it off the ground.

Fire Captain Kurt Katsuyoshi was part of the crew who saved the four-legged mom-to-be.

“Just by lifting it up probably 8 inches to 10 inches, the dog was able to free itself,” Katsuyoshi told FOX40.

Once freed, video captured an emotional reunion between Lucy and her owner.

“I hugged her as hard as I could,” Madden recalled

Hours later, Lucy gave birth to five precious puppies.

Madden is feeling thankful, knowing the event could have had a different ending.

“We could have lost one of the puppies, they could have been in bad condition, and we could have lost Lucy due to breathing,” Madden said. “We’re very grateful all the puppies are in good condition, all puppies are healthy, mom’s healthy, we’re just thankful for that.”

Fire officials are grateful for the results as well.

“It’s nice to be given a call that you can have a positive outcome with and that’s ultimately what we’re trying to do,” Katsuyoshi said.

“It’s definitely a happy ending,” Madden said.

The puppies are under careful watch at a veterinary facility and they are expected to return home Friday. Their owner plans to sell the puppies on Christmas day.

Anyone who is interested in buying one of the puppies can text the owner at 916-792-3255.

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