FOLSOM, Calif. (KTXL) — Some voters will be casting their ballot for the very first time during California’s primary election on Tuesday.

“I think it’s crucial that each citizen gets to have their own voice in our government,” Ryan Enney said.

Enney is 18 years old and has been looking forward to voting for a long time. 

“As a kid, you don’t really pay attention to voting, and in my experience, I’ve kind of just accepted whoever gets elected. But now, I get a chance to express my own voice and actually vote for what the next leaders of our county and our government are going to be,” Enney told FOX40.

It’s a civic duty Enney takes seriously.

“Just definitely look into it as much as you can. Make an educated decision,” Enney said.

The voting center at Folsom Lake College is one of more than 80 locations where first-time voters are stopping by to cast their ballots.

Enney plans to research all candidates before casting his ballot and he hopes other people his age are gearing up to do the same. 

“Get out there, it’s important. It’s a responsibility that each of us have and each of us get the opportunity to have. So, make use of it,” Enney said.