Flood Patrol: Weekend Deluge Continues

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Minor flooding brought havoc to residents in the greater Sacramento area.

Some first-story apartment dwellers at Northwood Apartments along Howe Avenue noticed they had to wear waterproof boots to step outside. A large chunk of the walkways were under water, so residents had to tiptoe around to get to their cars.

“It’s pretty hard because I have to walk pretty much twice as much just to get to my apartment, especially if you don’t have rain boots,” said resident Felicia Macias.

Road conditions were also tricky.

The intersection of Watt Avenue and Folsom Boulevard was flooded. The right turn lane on Watt Avenue was completely closed off, which slowed down area drivers.

The entrance for Consumes River Elementary, east of Sacramento, was also slightly under water.

Scott Road was buried under Deer Creek, near Rancho Murieta. Some people driving trucks and SUV’s saw no problems slowly driving through. However, many drivers in smaller vehicles made U-turns and found an alternate road.

“Every winter when it gets bad like this, you just have to go really slow and be careful,” Rancho Murieta resident Rowie Sizemore said. “Some make U-turns. I’ve had to help pull some people out before.”

“I’ve lived out here long enough to when it’s good to go or not good to go,” said Noe Longoria, another Rancho Murieta. “A little bit more, and nobody’s going through.”

Meteorologists expect the heavy downpour to end by Sunday night, and the flood waters will have a chance to recede.

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