Vacaville Wakes Up to Flooded Streets

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VACAVILLE -- Many Vacaville residents woke up to a pond in front of their homes Tuesday morning.

Tiffany Derf said the Alamo Creek was no longer trickling through her neighborhood. She said the creek is usually a about foot deep. Now, it is more than 13 feet deep - some of the water was creeping into the bike trail.

Derf said she had a tough time taking her son to school. Every road she tried driving on in the area seemed to be flooded.

"We had to go almost to the other side of the town and try to wade our way back. And then we couldn't even park close to the school," Derf said.

Many people said they were worried that the water at the Tulare Road and Brookdale intersection was going to get inside of their homes. But others said this is nothing compared to what happened about a decade ago.

"They were rescuing people in boats out of their houses, people were standing on their tables," Michele Eamer said.

The floods in 2006 swept away her entire back yard. She said it took more than $100,000 to fix.

"It was so bad. So many people lost their homes," Barbara Derf said.

She is now worried that the raging waters would damage the trees near the creek. With the potential for flooding fresh in everyone’s minds, city employees delivered sandbags. Vacaville Police blocked several streets including Alamo and Tulare Roads.

Vacaville Fire roamed around the neighborhood with their boats at the ready.

But not everyone seemed worried.

Tooty Hatcher, 3, was outside with her mom, splashing around the street in her pink boots.

"It looks like muddy waters, chocolate milk," Hatcher said. "It's super fun because it's super deep."


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