Folsom Eye Doctor Shares Surveillance Video of Burglary

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FOLSOM -- A Folsom ophthalmologist is sharing surveillance footage from a burglary last week to try to help catch the thief who stole thousands of dollars of merchandise from her office.

Dr. Cecille Taylor spends her days making sure her clients can see clearly but a burglary at her Folsom office on Valentine's Day has left her blindsided.

"They probably came in maybe as a patient and then just really looked at our system, and they knew how they worked," Taylor said.

Video shows the thief getting in through a window, but he didn't break it. He knew there would be a glass detector, so instead, he removed the entire frame and crawled his way in.

"And that was the only room that did not have a motion detector in it," she said. "And then they came out into the hallway and looked at the motion detector and the motion detector was set on yellow, which means it noticed the movement. But the alarm didn't go off, so they obviously knew the system."

Surveillance video shows the burglar hugging a corner to avoid setting the detector off and then crawling down a hallway.

Taylor told FOX40 he then grabbed keys from behind the counter and unlocked a glasses case before tripping an alarm on his way out.

Police arrived within two minutes of the alarm going off but were too late to catch the suspected thief.

The man got away with about $10,000 in merchandise and cash.

"They would have caught him had the motion detectors gone off," Taylor said. "They would have caught him."

Taylor told FOX40 this is the fourth time thieves have targeted her ophthalmology office and hopes it's the last.

"Well, we thought we had it figured out last time and they got around it," she said. "There are other offices that had the same thing happen in Woodland. And they took the window off, did the same thing, and they knew everything about their surveillance system. And they probably cased it out before is my guess."


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