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February was a good month for rainfall, but was it enough to undo what the drought has done to Folsom Lake?

“It looks good. I think we’re getting some more water actually. It looks like more run off from the mountains,” said boat enthusiast Robert Dyer.

Folsom Lake rose 31 feet in the month of February, according to the National Weather Service. It’s certainly enough to put a dent in the drought’s affects on Folsom Lake, but it’s not enough to floor Dyer’s boat.

“We’re pretty hopeful we’ll get that lake filled back up and get our boat back in the water,” said Dyer.

Downtown Sacramento accumulated four and a half inches of rain in February. Storms flooded local creeks and turned roads into rivers, but still kept us below half of our normal rainfall totals for the season.

“The waters come up this much. It looked like a creek through the middle of the lake a couple weeks ago. It’s starting to look like a lake again,” said Jenny Johnson.

Johnson and others visiting the lake saw the glass as half full. Her husband Tim saw it another way.

“It’s unreal. I mean, you don’t realize how shallow this lake really is until until you see all the water gone,” said Tim Johnson.

“It’s bad. It’s really bad. I know we’ve had a little bit of rain but we need a lot more,” added Kelly Alga.

The drought is still going strong across much of California, with Central California being the hardest hit last month.

“You put the two together and you start to think about conserving our water, cutting our usage in half,” said Dyer.