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It’s just the kind of plot twist Sony pictures has made its millions on.

FOX40 explained to movie-goers at the Folsom Palladio 16 that their favorite theater would be one of a select group signed on to a post-scandal screening of “The Interview.”

“I think they should play it. I want to see it,” San Sae Phanh, of Sacramento, said Tuesday night.

After the cliffhanger of a pulled Christmas Day release for “The Interview,” a comedy about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong -un, and his country’s resulting hack into Sony’s email system followed up by threats about the movie release – that release is back on.

“Oh, excellent. Because I don’t think that other countries should push us around in terms of what we have the freedom to see or not see,” said Beth Richards of El Dorado Hills.

And despite Sony’s initial announced reasoning that no theaters wanted to show the controversial movie,  it’s the focus on freedom that had the owner of the Folsom Palladio 16 interested in airing “The Interview” from the start.

“Freedom of speech is an important thing in our country.  And it shouldn’t be up to a single foreign person sending an email that threatens something in our country to bring our economy down to a grinding halt whether it be movies or any other product. If it’s not movies what will it be next,” questioned Palladio 16 owner Dave Corkill of Cinema West which is based in Petaluma.

He owns 12 theaters in Northern California and North Dakota.

For anyone concerned about on-site fallout from the frenzy around this flick, Dave Corkill says don’t worry.

“What we want to make sure of is that our customers feel safe when they come to our movie theaters. And so…we don’t believe that there’s a  security risk associated with this movie, but just in case we’re going to have security available,” he said.

One man who didn’t want his face shown  on camera Tuesday night already has his ticket to see “The Interview” – unfazed by threats security or otherwise.

And in that he seems to have a lot of company.

“To see that it’s on…I think I might have plans for Christmas Day,” said Richards.

You can see “The Interview” as early as 11:40 a.m. on Dec. 25.