PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Homeowners in Placer County attended a Wildfire Preparedness Day event in Foresthill Saturday.

Around 150 Placer County residents gathered information from the Foresthill Fire Protection District and the Foresthill Fire Safe Council on how to help keep their homes safe and fire resilient.

“Embers are the start of a lot of the fires in these wildfires that unfortunately people lose homes. And so there’s things they can do to harden their homes and of course, make sure that the space around their home is defensible so that if something does come through, that the firefighters have a chance to defend their homes,” said David Atkinson, Assistant Director of Office of Emergency Services for Placer County.

The bridge fire of 2021 burned more than 400 acres. That is an incident people in Placer County don’t want to see happen again.

However, with the devastating wildland fires of 2021 which destroyed thousands of homes fire officials are hoping homeowners stay on top of their properties to ensure wild brush is whacked down and cleared.

“A lot of the homeowners have already done a lot of work. Talk to others that are just getting started. So any information we can give them, helps them provide that defensible space,” said Deputy Chief of Foresthill Fire Protection District Jed Matcham.

Matcham said Placer County is ranked No. 2 in the nation for having certified “fire-wise” communities, a title they will work hard to keep.