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AUBURN — A former cameraman from Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” was recovering in a local hospital Wednesday night after he and his young son were struck by a suspected drunken driver in Auburn.

“He said head-on collision and right away I was like, ‘That’s like the worst thing ever,’” said Todd Stanley.

Stanley’s brother, Doug, has been fighting for his life after the crash.

“Doctors tell us he has an open-book pelvic fracture,” Todd explained. “It’s one of the most deadliest forms of an injury.”

Monday afternoon, while Doug rode his motorcycle with his 10-year-old son on Lincoln Way, the two were hit head-on by a suspected drunken driver.

Doug’s son suffered a broken leg and some scrapes.

Todd said a police officer told him it was clear Doug protected his son from the impact. After paramedics arrived, Doug continuously uttered the same phrase.

“Only thing he kept repeating was, ‘It wasn’t my fault. The other guy crossed the line,’” Todd said.

Auburn police said that man, Matthew Griswold, is the one who hit Doug and his son.

Both Doug and Todd Stanley won Emmys for their work as cinematographers on the hit show “Deadliest Catch”. The two are credited with helping create the show that would go on to inspire similar shows across cable TV.

Todd said what upsets his family the most is that the collision should never have happened.

“Hit on a blind corner in the middle of the afternoon by a blind, drunk person,” he told FOX40. “We’re all mad.”

His family has been together since Monday getting through the hard times with one another.

“Anybody who has ever met my brother knows he’s one of the nicest, most comforting … ,” Todd said. “He’s a wonderful person. He’s my mentor.”

The family said the medical bills will no doubt get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you would like to help, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.