Former Military Police Officer Helps Rocklin Residents Prepare for a Crisis

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ROCKLIN — Matthew Scott has been teaching people what to do in a crisis situation for years.

“You can plan ahead, that’s the basis of this class,” Scott explained.

Normally, the former military police officer is hired by government agencies or employers for his workshops.

However, for the first time Wednesday, Scott instructed the general public. People in a room at Rocklin Elementary School were willing to pay the $30 per ticket price tag to learn how to survive.

“I see a lot of the news media of the violence that’s going on in the world and I want to take and be prepared for that in my home, as well as in my job,” said Carol Wilson.

That craving of knowledge was spurred on for some by the nation’s recent mass shootings.

“They are definitely concerned about it and I think it can be healthy,” Scott said. “You have to pay attention to what’s going on. If you know you have some building blocks that you can build a plan off of, you can definitely be ready for the next event, no matter if it’s at home or work or the mall or store, wherever you were at.”

Scott’s workshops focus on multiple aspects of a crisis situation.

He discusses things like communication, not only with those around you but also with responding law enforcement.

And while he said he wishes his expertise was not in high demand, Scott knows that a perfect world does not exist and people want to be prepared.

“If I could say to them, ‘There are some steps that you can do to keep yourself safe,’ that’s going to give them something to do when something happens. And then they are definitely going to be able to act because they thought about it ahead of time,” he said.

To learn more about Scott’s Campus Crisis Response workshop, visit his site.

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