SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The investigation continues into an Arden Middle school teacher who is facing charges of alleged sexual abuse against students.

Long-time teacher Glenn Alejandrino was accused of sexually abusing multiple middle-school-aged students between 2019 and 2021.

“The sad thing is he was a really good teacher,” Lucas Saylors, a former student, said.

Saylors is now a high school graduate.

“I was in his science class,” Saylors said. “He was really involved with the students, student leadership teacher. So, he would do all the events, activities, student rallies. It really is a shock.”

When Saylors attended Arden Middle School, he said he had heard rumors about Alejandrino and some students and thought they were just that.

“As an 8th-grade student, which is the last thing you are thinking of,” Saylors told FOX40.

Saylors said he was not one of the victims, but wonders how many more were affected.

Alejandrino turned himself in and bailed out the same day. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said the victims were teenage boys and the alleged activity happened at Alejandrino’s house.

He allegedly provided them alcohol, marijuana, pornography and sex toys.

“If a student has any kind of ill feeling or in their intuition that something is wrong, they should follow their intuition,” Nadine Diefenbacher said.

Licensed family therapist Diefenbacher warns parents they should keep a close eye on their children, and she advised the trouble usually begins when the teacher goes from the position of authority to a friend.

“Not mix the role of being a coach and a friend or a teacher and a friend,” Diefenbacher said. “Maybe educate the children on what those clear roles are.”

She adds finding a specialized trauma therapist who can connect and relate with the child is vital to overcoming these incidents.

“Always be supportive of the child and believe when the child tells you something. Believe what the child is saying,” Diefenbacher said.

The school said they are “fully cooperating” with the investigation. Any more victims out there, are asked to come forward.

Alejandrino will be back in court on Sept. 15.