Four Tuolumne Students Arrested in School Shooting Plot

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Tragedy was averted at one California high school, today. Authorities say a student plot to conduct a mass shooting at Summerville High School in Tuolumne was foiled after other students got wind of it and went to school officials.

We learned today at a press conference three students — all male — were talking about their plans for a mass shooting at the school, Wednesday when another student heard them and reported them.

The administration contacted the sheriff’s office regarding the student’s threats against the school’s students and faculty members. Sheriff’s said the suspects were immediately pulled from classrooms and questioned.

In their investigation they uncovered a fourth student involved. Probably the most shocking part they also discovered detailed plans about who they were going kill, and how.

Deputies arrested all four, Friday, and they’re in the custody of Tuolomne County Probation Department.

Detectives interviewed the students and conducted searches finding the plot was in its beginning stages. Authorities said the students confessed and planned to “come on campus and shoot and kill as many people as possible.”

We spoke with parents and students of Summerville High, and as you can imagine, they’re on edge.

Daughter Goes to Summerville

“I felt like she was safe but she’s scared, she’s scared to go to school,” said Kristin Wilson, a mother of a Summerville High student. “She said, ‘Mom, I don’t want to go to school, I’m scared.’ What do you tell her? You be safe?”

“What they said about coming really close to it, that worries me a lot,” said Sarah Boyer, a Summerville student. “That could happen any day. You never know. There’s been so many recent incidents that…it’s just scary.”

We don’t know much about these four students – they’re minors so, their names won’t be released. They will go through the criminal process, and prosecutors aren’t sure what charges they face. School will be in session Monday.

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