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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, FOX40, along with our parent company Nexstar Media Group Inc. and its Charitable Foundation, was able to give a donation to the Sacramento chapter of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army said the $10,040 donation will be used to help over 6,000 kids in the area.

Last year, during the midst of the pandemic, the Salvation Army gave out 32,500 gifts and 23,000 meals and helped 16,000 people in Sacramento County for the holiday season.

The Sacramento County Operations of the Salvation Army are an invaluable resource for this area in times of need all year, and especially during the holiday season. For many years, KTXL-TV FOX40 has been proud to partner with an organization that truly does the most good in our community and we will work with them again to make sure that their resources are known and their messaging is heard loud and clear throughout the Sacramento region. Giving back to the communities served by Nexstar across the country is core to the company’s mission and to FOX40’s, and we are honored that the Nexstar Media Foundation will make this donation in recognition of the deep relationship between KTXL-TV, its employees, and the Salvation Army.

Scot Chastain, Vice President and General Manager of KTXL-TV FOX40