FOX40 Rides Along with CHP During Rainy Day Traffic

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FOX40 did a Ride-Along with Officer Leroy Gumm of the California Highway Patrol South Sacramento Division on Sunday. Officer Gumm was assigned to the Delta region today. However, many of his calls routed him toward South Sacramento.

“Typically on rainy days, we get spread really thin, to the nature of all the traffic collisions,” he said.

Between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Officer Gumm was called out by dispatchers to 11 rain-related accident calls. Of that, he responded to two. One was a three car, two incident, one scene crash on I-5 Northbound in the Pocket area. A grey truck did a solo-spin out. A black Dodge sedan saw the spin-out, slowed down, and was rear ended by a red SUV.

The second incident was where a big rig jack-knifed onto the center divider on I-5 Southbound in the Elk Grove area. He was called out by another officer in an assisting capacity, and helped execute a hard two lane closure with Cal Trans.

Officer Gumm said he gets at least eight to ten times more calls on rainy days on Sunday dayshift compared to sunny days. He said most of the accidents he was called to today could have been prevented if people are more careful.

“In these conditions, it’s very very common with the rain, for the calls to get stacked up. A lot of solo spin outs, traffic collisions because people drive primarily too fast for conditions on the roadway.”

Tips from Officer Gumm:

  • Drive slower than the speed limit.
  • Do not forget to put your headlights on when using windshield wipers (required by law)
  • Keep a large distance between cars
  • When you are involved in a no-injury, no-road blocking accident, file a non-emergency counter report.

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