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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Local health officials are concerned about the impact the flu could have this year as the delta variant continues to surge. 

That is why they’re hosting free vaccination clinics. The clinics will take place at different locations throughout the county over the next several weeks. 

Residents can go to the North Highlands Recreation Center next week and get both the COVID-19 vaccine and flu shot. 

“Covid is the big reality for us right now, but flu is still something we need to think about and protect ourselves from,” said Rachel Allen, Sacramento County immunization program manager. 

With cooler temperatures bringing more people inside, experts worry that COVID-19 and flu infections could surge at the same time. 

“Our concern is these diseases would be really tough to manage at one time, especially for our hospitals that are already overburdened with Covid, so preventing both is the strategy that we need to be promoting and implementing,” Allen said. 

The clinics will be on a rotating basis throughout the county. 

“It’s important for us to bring the resources to our community. We are pretty isolated,” said Maria-Elena Becerra, Bates Elementary School principal. 

Most people dropped by Tuesday in Courtland, a more rural area. Many told FOX40 the reason they waited so long to get vaccinated was time and proximity. 

“This is near my home,” said resident Ismael Robles. 

Robles visited Bates elementary and rolled up both of his sleeves. 

“This one is the Covid-19 (vaccine) and this arm is for the flu. I have both right now,” Robles said. 

And he is one of the dozens taking the offer. 

The sites offer all three COVID-19 vaccines. Eligible residents can also get their booster shot. To see a list of clinics, click or tap here.