Friend Says People Raised Concerns About Husband Before Woman’s Remains Found in Placer County

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PLACER COUNTY -- A 15 year to life sentence is not enough for the Citrus Heights man who killed his wife, said a friend.

“She was really funny, friendly and really kind to everyone,” Brianna Vo told FOX40 via FaceTime.

Vo had immigrated to the U.S. in 2015, a year before Trang Tran.

Tran’s husband, Michael Abeyta, was sentenced for killing her and dumping her body in Placer County.

“Oh my God, I and all my friends, we're so shocked that we could not believe about that because in our minds she's very kind and very nice,” Vo said. “She didn’t deserve to be killed like this.”

Hikers found Tran’s skeletal remains along Foresthill Road in Placer County on Jan. 27, 2018.

Four months earlier, Tran posted on Facebook about a pizza and movie night with her husband saying, “Now I just wanna be with him every time.”

The couple met in the Sunshine State while he was attending Central Florida University and she was attending the University of West Florida. They married quickly in Las Vegas and moved to Sacramento County.

Vo said her friend never talked much about the quality of her relationship, only that the 22-year-old was very much in love.

She said she feels that Tran was lonely in a new country, eager to be in a couple and quick to ignore anything that might detract from the perfect scenario she was trying to create.

Vo said she had friends living near the couple when they were in Florida.

“Some of them know her husband and they give her advice that he is not a good person and she should be consider about that,” Vo said. “And do you know the feeling of the person when they’re in love and they don’t really consider about everyone around you will say about that.”

Pathologists were never able to confirm exactly how Tran was killed and Placer County Sheriff’s deputies were never able to determine a motive.

“I know it's very ... it's very sad. So, I don’t think 15 years is enough for the person who killed her. I think he deserves to be longer,” Vo said.

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