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DEL PASO HEIGHTS — There was a dramatic police take down of a young black man on the streets of Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights neighborhood — a take down followed up by what appears to be only police fists flying in the face of that same young man on the ground.

Naomi Montaie says she was in shock and recorded that video, posting it to Facebook because she felt everything she saw was wrong.

“I never witnessed anything like that. He just kept hitting him, and kept hitting him, and I was like ‘oh my God…why you hitting him like that? Why you hitting him like that? You need to stop hitting him.’ And he kept hitting him,” she said with tears streaming down her face.

Montaie calls the young man in the video “nephew,” but she says Nandi Cain Jr. is really just a sweet person from her apartment complex whom she’s gotten to know over the last year.

She says officers who questioned her after the incident told her they were trying to stop Cain for jaywalking.

She doesn’t understand how jaywalking could have come to what she witnessed.

“I just want some answers. What happened?” said Cain’s live-in girlfriend Antoinette Stewart.

She says she fell in love with his goofy, spirited personality two years ago and can’t imagine why something like this would happen.

She can imagine him cutting across a street in his long walk home from his co-manager job at a TV store, but as far as her knowledge of him breaking any laws?

“Never been to jail. Never been arrested ever,” Stewart said.

When asked, Sacramento police could only tell FOX40 by phone that an officer tried to stop a man for a violation at Cypress and Grand around 5 p.m.

They couldn’t detail what kind of offense was committed or confirm Cain’s identity.

Spokesmen also couldn’t say if there were body cam or dash cam recordings of the arrest.

FOX40 sent the department Montaie’s video and supervisors are reviewing it.

No one would comment on camera Monday night, the night of the incident.

Naomi Montaie says nothing about what she saw makes sense and that everyone — even recovering drug addicts like herself — deserve respect.

“Any human being don’t deserve that. Nobody deserves that.”