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WEST SACRAMENTO — A West Sacramento man known for riding his bicycle around town died Saturday after a truck hit him while he was on his daily ride on Jefferson Boulevard.

Friends and family identify him at Floyd “Andy” Anderson.

FOX40 reached out to Anderson’s family, and they’re not ready to speak about the loss of the 92-year-old, but friends tell FOX40 he was one of a kind.

The West Sacramento Police Department said Anderson was struck when he rode his bike into the roadway Saturday morning.

“All devastated, it was unbelievable,” said Charles Ellis, who has known Anderson for decades.

Ellis said his friend, whom he affectionately called Andy, was a member of the West Sacramento Moose Lodge. Ellis said Anderson didn’t let his age get in this way of doing what he loved.

“Every day on the bicycle, you would see him every morning and see him go back every evening,” he said.

He was very active.

“He loved to dance, him and his wife they dance, they love the Cajun music,” said Ellis.

Anderson’s friends said he was dedicated to the Moose Lodge. He went to fundraisers, helped with community service projects and at the age of 80 even helped fix the lodge’s roof.

The yellow tape and police cars are gone from Jefferson Boulevard now, but the pain of what happened is still there. Ellis is trying to remember the good times, “He was a fun-loving, giving person.”

The West Sacramento Police Department is still working on the investigation into what caused the accident, but said it seems unintentional. Police said they don’t believe alcohol or drugs were involved.

The driver, a West Sacramento man in his 40s, is cooperating with investigators.