‘Fund the Wall’ Supporters Face Off with Mexican Restaurant Staff

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SACRAMENTO — At La Cosecha, the Harvest, a bounty of bad feeling Wednesday afternoon as supporters of President Trump’s border security plans claimed they were denied service after walking in wearing “Fund the Wall” t-shirts.

Video of part of what happened was quickly posted to the conservative Facebook page Frontline America, which describes itself as a national organization to restore the USA’s identity.

The managers of La Cosecha did not want to speak about what happened on camera today, but told FOX40 off camera that the group walked into their restaurant, camera phones rolling and after being seated and offered water started shouting – wrongly – that they were being denied service.

Staff say they walked to officers patrolling nearby Cesar Chavez park to get help.

No one was arrested then, but members of the group that called out La Cosecha also had police factor into their day a few hours earlier during a protest at the Governor’s mansion.

The developments there were broadcast live during the Frontline radio show normally hosted by Ben Bergquam, who also runs the Frontline America Facebook page.

Dressed in serapes and sombreros with fake bushy mustaches – all that was all about Trump’s wall as well.

Conservative activists Ben Bergquam and Laura Loomer were arrested for trespassing after hopping a wall on mansion grounds.

A fellow protestor dressed up as Nancy Pelosi and others and delivered doggie waste bags and hypodermic needles to the mansion.

Those have been problem items littering the streets of San Francisco  – a city that both the real Pelosi and Governor Newsom have represented.

The stunt – a poke – at the actual clean-up campaigns that are now underway for those items.

FOX40 wanted to speak to Bergquam and Loomer about their arrests, but late Wednesday their bookings were still listed as ‘in progress’ at the Sacramento county jail so we could not make that request.

Sacramento City Councilmembers Eric Guerra (District 6) and Steve Hansen (District 4) spoke out on behalf of the restaurant, the two agreeing to stand up for their constituents.

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