Galt family says school’s false-positive COVID-19 test wrongfully sent son home

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GALT, Calif. (KTXL) — The family of a Galt High School student is mystified after the school told them their son tested positive for COVID-19, but a home test and a visit to the doctor showed negative results. 

It all began with a simple message: Positive for SARS-CoV-2.

“We didn’t quite believe the test,” parent Michelle Onesky said. 

Steve and Michelle Onesky said they didn’t believe the test as their son, who participates in athletics, wasn’t showing any symptoms. 

“When we received the email, I was very surprised,” Michelle Onesky recalled. 

So, they decided to do an at-home antigen test on Wednesday, the very day they received the news from the school. 

The at-home test did not reaffirm the school’s message. 

“No fever, no colds, no nothing,” Michelle Onesky said. ”That’s when we thought, ‘Let’s get a real test.’”

They then took their son to a doctor at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento on Thursday; the test results came back negative on Friday. 

The Oneskys said they tried to show the two negative results to the school but they would not accept it. 

“But it’s a false test. That is where the concern is. Is the false test being kept instead of a legitimate test by a licensed physician,” Michelle Onesky said. 

According to the Onesky family, the school’s test gave a false-positive result, which led to their son having to be kept home for 10 days. He will also not be able to participate in athletics. 

“Now it’s floating over to other kids that were supposedly exposed when they weren’t exposed because it’s negative,” Michelle Onesky said. 

FOX40 reached out to the Galt Joint Union High School District about its COVID-19 policy and about the case.

“Isolation period may not be shortened due to subsequent negative test results,” Superintendent Lisa Pettis said. 

The Oneskys are disappointed their son will have to miss school time and a tournament because of the school’s test. They now want the district to make changes to its policy. 

“If the results were positive, we understand. That’s three tests that are saying that are positive. We have two out of three that say no,” Steven Onesky said. “Now you are logging my child with a positive test, has covid, when he doesn’t.”

The district also said they are required to follow all state and county public health guidelines and that students can only return on the 11th day if they do not show symptoms. 

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