Gas pump skimmers scam hundreds of dollars from customers in Modesto

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MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) -- Customers at Circle 7 Gas & Liquor in Modesto now have to go inside and pay for gas after Bluetooth skimmers were found inside the machine pumps.

Customers like Destiney Simnitt told FOX40 hundreds of dollars was missing from her account with multiple charges at gas stations out of Southern California.

"I went and got gas went home, woke up the next morning and a bunch of money is gone," said Simnitt.

"They pulled about $130 the first time from 7-Eleven, another $130 from 7-Eleven and then they spent $45 dollars down at Chevron," said customer Eddie Ruiz. "It can happen to anybody, anywhere you know. It's not just here, most likely it's probably everywhere."

The gas station employee said they called a technician who found the sophisticated skimmers in six out of their eight pumps.

Circle 7 employee Gurtaj Toor said they check their card readers for skimmers every day but after getting complaints they called in an expert who found them hidden deep inside the body of the pump.

"We weren't aware of it. We've never seen it before. I don't think anyone has seen something like that," said Toor. "It wasn't the people that are working here or the owners here. That it was just some thieves that came and did this to scam people and take their money."

For now, signs are posted telling customers to pay inside while the gas station ups security.

"We also changed the keys and we're also going to get metal bars around them and put security tape so if it's tampered with," said Toor, "So, we know if someone was trying to get into the pumps and we can look into before anything happens to someone's account."

Simnitt says she believes the gas station owners are victims too.

"I feel like their company is given a bad name for something someone on the outside did to them," said Simnitt

Toor says he wants people to know Circle 7 is an honest business.

"We don't want to cheat our customers," said Toor "We would never do that to somebody."

The gas station owners filed a report with Modesto police Wednesday and they are now investigating.

Police say if anyone suspects a skimmer is being used, notify management at the business and file a police report.


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