Gas Stove in New Sacramento Home Explodes Causing Burns to 36% of Man’s Body

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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento man is in the hospital after a gas stove exploded inside his home on Garnet Peak Way.

Rolando Muñoz’s fiancée, Joanna Fraire, says the couple was preparing breakfast when the freak accident happened last Saturday.

“I was standing behind the wall and I [saw] the kitchen on fire, and I was just in shock and I was scared,” Fraire said.

Fraire has spent most of her days at the UC Davis Medical Center while Muñoz recovers.

“I’m still in disbelief,” she said.

Fraire says Munoz was inside the kitchen cooking bacon in the oven – when all of a sudden, “it was like a big explosion.”

She says the gas stove exploded causing a fire that damaged parts of the couple’s kitchen in their newly purchased home.

“First thing I did was run to him and make sure he’s OK,” Fraire said.

She immediately drove her fiancé to the hospital where she says medical staff wrapped up his wounds before discharging him.

But a short time later, Fraire says Muñoz began to complain about aches and pains.

“I just knew he wasn’t OK, his family knew he wasn’t ok, so we rushed him [to the hospital].”

Muñoz is currently in the Intensive Care Unit.

Fraire says he has second-degree burns. About 36% of his body is burned. The burns are on his arms, stomach, back, neck, ears and the left side of his face.

While fire officials are still investigating, Fraire is thankful Muñoz is slowly on the road to recovery.

“Thank God he’s stable, thank God he’s still here with me,” She said. “Because if he was just a couple of feet in front of the stove, or closer to the stove, I don’t know how he would be right now.”

Family members have set up a GoFundMe for Muñoz’s recovery, you can donate by clicking the link.


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