Gavin Newsom Signs Proclamation on Reproductive Health

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SACRAMENTO – California Governor Gavin Newsom’s proclamation reassured women in the state of California that they have the right to privacy, the right to choose and the right to access when it comes to abortion.

As several states are working to enact stricter abortion laws, Newsom -along with the governors of Oregon and Washington- issued a joint letter on Friday urging other states to review their laws to protect what they are calling “American’s reproductive freedom.”

Cheri Greven with Planned Parenthood says the measure by Gov. Newsom is a step in the right direction for California.

“Planned Parenthood in California are grateful. Abortion is under unprecedented attacks right now and we need bold action by our elected officials,” she said.

This comes after several states including Mississippi, Ohio and Georgia passed a wave of laws attempting to restrict abortions.

“Abortion is a constitutional right, it is afforded to all Americans, and what’s happening right now in some of these states is shameful, they are at risk,” Greven said.

Elected officials in Alabama recently enacted one of the strictest abortion laws in the country – which would make all abortions illegal, including in acts of rape and incest.

Greven says she believes legislators in those states are attempting to challenge the 1973 Supreme Court decision – Roe v. Wade – legalizing abortion in the United States.

But those in favor of stricter abortion regulations, like Wynette Sylls with Californians for Life, says she’s disappointed in Newsom’s announcement.

“I strongly reject and i am deeply offended by Gavin Newsom’s letter about welcoming and encouraging women to come to our state, to ‘end unwanted pregnancies,’” she said.

Sylls says elected officials in California should join forces with other states – while working to provide options and resources for women facing unwanted pregnancies.

“Abortion is not healthcare, we do not deliberately kill people and call it healthcare, women deserve better than abortion, life is winning all across our country, momentum is building toward life,” Sylls stated.

Newsom issued a statement saying:

“California stands proudly with Oregon and Washington in urging states across the country to strengthen their laws and services upholding women’s equality and liberty by protecting their reproductive freedom.”

Governor Newsom along with the governors of Washington and Oregon also added that, “in the absence of federal leadership on this issue, states must step up and put in place their own protections to defend Americans reproductive freedom.”


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