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MANTECA, Calif. (KTXL) – From a rendering to reality, construction of the $22 million Great Wolf Lodge Resort is complete.

All that’s left are the finishing touches.

“There’s a lot to do between now and June 29,” said general manager Alana Ostrowski. “We’re really, really excited and confident that we’ll get it all done.”

The 500-room resort’s Paw Pledge Protocols, which follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, are in place and the themed suites are ready to welcome families for an all-inclusive stay.

“When we open our doors, they’ll be able to come here and have not only a wonderful time because it’s Great Wolf Lodge, they’ll be able to have a wonderful time and do it really safely,” Ostrowski told FOX40.

The main attraction is a 95,000-square-foot indoor waterpark, which features 16 waterslides, raft rides, a lazy river and a wave pool.

“I can’t wait for the waterpark to just have a sound of kids screaming and laughing as they come down waterslides,” Ostrowski explained. “This building is meant to be loud, and it’s been far too quiet for far too long.”

Great Wolf Lodge offers more than just waterslides.

With a wand in hand, imagination and a little magic, kids can take part in an interactive MagiQuest. 

“On any given day you can walk into any lodge and see dozens of players running around waving their wands and lighting up crystals and opening chests and enchanting items, and it’s really a unique experience that you can’t really get anywhere else,” said MagiQuest designer Alex Schacherl.

Schacherl, who designed the mythical world of Vellara, says the virtual scavenger hunt is the second most popular attraction. 

The Manteca location is now home to the newest and most high-tech version of MagiQuest. 

“I sit at a computer every day and work on bringing this thing to life, but to actually see it come to life, not even just on the screens but during the minds of the children playing, it’s absolutely incredible,” Schacherl said.

Whether it’s the waterslides, virtual reality or the 45,000 square-foot adventure park with ropes courses and mini-golf, Ostrowski says the resort promises something for everyone. 

“No longer do you need to drive six hours to take your family on a really great vacation,” she said.