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NEVADA COUNTY — Relentless rain sparked a sinkhole saga across the region. A monster sinkhole that took out a hillside was discovered Wednesday.

“It’s just a huge, huge hole. Trees are falling kind of to the side and we can see the foundation and the dirt coming down too,” said Lisa Sanchez, an employee of the Liberty Motors car dealership.

From the employees to the experts to the property owner, no one expected to see this when they looked over hill next to Liberty Motor car dealership.

“Disbelief, it’s a fairly large sinkhole for a small little city like Grass Valley,” said Tim Kiser, director of Grass Valley Public Works.

A trailer used by the dealership was sitting right near the edge of the hill when the staff realized what was happening.

“We’re 10 to 12 feet from the edge of this giant sinkhole so we started getting people out and removing the trailer,” said property owner Todd Tripp.

Kiser estimates the sinkhole is 50 feet wide and 100 feet deep.

“I imagine it had something to do with the storm, whether something got caught in the culvert and caused it to relieve itself and create a sinkhole,” said Kiser.

Meanwhile another set of sinkholes created major problems for Nevada City residents.

Maggie McProud believes the failing culvert that caused gaping holes in the parking lot near Lefty’s restaurant is part of the reason  Deer Creek ushered about four feet of water into her apartment overnight.

Now with mud as high as her countertops, she spent Wednesday rushing to clean the mess out before mold sets in.