Several Goats Hit after Escaping Pasture Along Highway 65 in Lincoln

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LINCOLN — It was a bizarre sight for drivers along Highway 65 in Lincoln Tuesday night as around 100 to 150 goats wandered onto the roadway.

California Highway Patrol Auburn spokesman David Martinez told FOX40 one of their officers spotted traffic at a standstill near Ferrari Ranch Road.

“She came on stopped vehicles and realized that there was a lot of goats on the freeway,” Martinez said.

He said the goats escaped from a nearby pasture and walked onto the freeway from underneath a center divider.

“Near the freeway, at that location, there’s a canal and there’s fencing. However, because of the rain, it kind of eroded. So the goats were able to crawl under the fence or make their way under the fence,” Martinez said.

He said a few startled drivers tried to get out of their cars to help.

“Some of the goats had been hit but they were basically taking over the center divide and the northbound traffic lane,” Martinez explained.

Altogether, Martinez says five goats were killed by passing cars.

The rest of the herd was eventually rounded up at a nearby park and ride lot.

Now law enforcement officials are issuing a warning for drivers who may encounter animals running loose on the freeway.

“Get yourself and your family, whoever you’re with, on the shoulder and call 911,” Martinez said.

The police department says the goats belong to contractors that the city hires for grazing services.

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