Going on Vacation? Roseville Police Volunteers Can Perform Holiday House Checks

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Shalendra Deo is house proud all year long, but it does kick up a notch when it’s almost time for old Saint Nick to appear.

“Yes…to get the family excited. That is what we do,” he said, surrounded by inflatable Santas and reindeer in his Roseville yard.

Unfortunately the hard work he and other neighbors, like Don Mahnke, put into their homes isn’t just a delight for their families.

It’s also a delight for November thieves.

“It’s our busiest month for residential burglaries,” said Roseville patrolman Jerry Wernli.

He says every day criminals are cruising neighborhoods, looking for targets of opportunity.

Burglaries spike by about 15 percent this month in Roseville, but specially trained police volunteers are available to keep watch over neighborhoods there through “vacation home checks.”

What are they looking for?

“Windows that are open, windows that are broken, front door that has been broken,” said Wernli.

Roseville started its program about six years ago, right about the time Sacramento police dropped theirs.

The volunteers call an actual officer in for back up if they find anything suspicious.

They don’t work at night and they don’t carry weapons, but they can make multiple stops at your house during your vacation at varying times that could confuse a burglar.

This year requests for the checks are set to outpace the 130 performed throughout 2014.

The Rocklin Police Department offers this service as well.

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