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DIABLO GRANDE — A gated community just outside of Patterson has attracted people from the valley and the Bay Area but one of the neighborhood’s key selling points won’t be around for much longer.

If you go back five years, the community of Diablo Grande had two 18-hole golf courses. Come next month, they won’t have any.

In a letter sent to residents and obtained by FOX40, the Ranch Course’s parent company, World International, says the course will be closing Oct. 19.

For those who live in the area, the news is about their homes just as much as golf.

“I would imagine there is going to be serious impact on the values and may create difficulty for anyone willing to sell,” said Diablo Grande resident Jim Minnerly.

In the letter, World International says the closure is due to financial reasons, adding that it is temporary.

“I guess we’ll have to see about that,” said Steve Stockmal, who moved to the area back in April. “I could see that going both ways.”

Stockmal said it’s the “temporary” part of the statement that’s giving him hope. He added that the rumors around the community are that another company may be in the works to take the course over, and possibly reopen the other course that was shut down in 2014.

“It’s swirling in a lot of different directions,” Stockmal said.

FOX40 reached out to the head of the Homeowners Association in Diablo Grande. That person did not want to comment. The next HOA meeting is scheduled for around a month and a half from Wednesday.

FOX40 was also not able to get a comment from the general manager at the golf course.