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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A good Samaritan saved a man who drove into the Sacramento River on Thursday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Around 10 a.m., officers say a 67-year-old man from Oakland was driving toward the intersection of Twin Cities and River roads, when he had a medical emergency.

The man continued through the intersection, left the road and flew into the Sacramento River.

As the vehicle began to sink, the driver climbed out to the top of his vehicle and yelled to shore that he did not know how to swim, according to the CHP.

“There is no way out when you are in the river like that. That’s a death trap,” said Chris Arias.

Officers say 39-year-old Arias, of Antioch, saw the man’s GMC go into the water immediately jumped into the river to help the driver.

(Courtesy Keoua Medeiros via California Highway Patrol)

“I’m just glad I had it in me to do it. I have never been around that situation,” Arias told FOX40.

Arias had the driver hold onto his back as he swam back to shore, officials said.

“He was just sitting there, so we were a little confused on if he OK or what. He did say no one was in the car and he didn’t know how to swim,” Arias said.

The driver did not have any injuries from the accident but was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. According to CHP, the man had a medical emergency while driving.

The driver told officers that he would have died if it wasn’t for Arias’ help.

“I didn’t want to watch. I figured I do something,” Arias said.

“When you see another human being in need in a time like this, your instinct should always automatically be to help. Someone has a grandpa or brother or a family member that’s alive right now because of Chris,” said Keoua Medeiros, who captured the incident on video.