‘Got candles, got batteries’: Pollock Pines residents prepare for the oncoming storm

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POLLOCK PINES, Calif. (KTXL) — People living in the Sierra Foothills are bracing for a lot of snow as the storm pushes through the Sacramento region.

Pollock Pines residents like Stacey Fowler woke up to a white blanket of snow over their town Wednesday morning.

“We expected a lot worse actually,” Fowler told FOX40.

Fowler said she expected to wake up to several feet of snow and instead walked outside to just a few inches.

But just because the snow has yet to fall as heavy as expected, she knows the storm is not over.

“Tried preparing yesterday, but there was so many people there in line,” she said.

So Fowler is using a break in the snow Wednesday morning to keep stocking up on supplies.

“Got some extra dog food, cat food, things like that,” she recounted.

Some of her errands will have to wait a little longer, though.

“I tried to come out this morning to get prescriptions in case we’re locked out for a week, but CVS is closed because they have no power,” Fowler explained.

Hundreds of people in the Foothills community woke up in the dark, and as the storm continues to move through the region, Fowler is preparing for her power to go out, too.

“Got candles, got batteries, that sort of thing, ice chest,” she said.

But her biggest concern isn’t the feet of snow expected to dump on Pollock Pines in the next 48 hours — it’s the high winds, which already caused damage in a nearby Safeway parking lot overnight.

“The winds, that’s the scary part because of the trees here. We have a widow-maker above us — and they call it a widow-maker because branches fall and they busted last year, busted the top of my truck down and busted the window out,” she said. “A 150-pound branch, so you gotta be careful about walking in and out of your house at this point. So the wind is the scariest part to me.”

Now, she and thousands of other residents in the Foothills are getting ready to hunker down and ride out the storm.

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