Gov. Newsom cleans up Capitol memorial with volunteers

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Gov. Gavin Newsom grabbed a scrub brush Tuesday and joined volunteers to help clean up a memorial on the Capitol grounds. 

One of the people out with the governor was Stevante Clark. His brother, Stephon Clark, was killed by Sacramento police in 2018. 

When Stevante asked Newsom why he came out, the governor said he was inspired by Stevante’s actions.

“It says everything about you and others that are out here that so many were out there doing peaceful protests and then came back the next day to clean up the mess of those that weren’t acting with the kind of dignity and civility and character,” Newsom said. “But one thing is certain, is we can’t continue to do this. We can’t be patient anymore. We own not just this moment, get through it, but we, I think, have a deep responsibility to each other.” 

Newsom thanked Stevante and community leaders who are making their voices heard.

After Gov. Newsom made those remarks, the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association accused him of exploiting the fallen officer memorial for a photo opportunity.

It released a statement saying, “We are appalled that Governor Newsom would attempt to make a cheap, poorly-strategized public relations statement on the backs of our brave men and women in uniform who never made it home to their families.”

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