Grafitti Vandal Who Fell and Died Had Notorious History

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A man found dead at a freeway construction site had a history of arrests for graffiti vandalism.  A roadside memorial where the bloody body of 23-year-old Andrey Petkov was found included cans of spray paint as well as flowers, crosses and candles.

Friends say Petkov may have fallen from the freeway over-crossing, 30 to 40 feet above the roadway.  There is evidence of recent graffiti activity on the bridge near where his body was found.  Friends say he may have been with several other people, but no one was around when his body was found.

Petkov was one of 4 people arrested by Roseville police when the notorious Sacramento Graffiti Killers crew was arrested, following an undercover operation in 2009. Police at the time said they were responsible for $80,000 in damages and that 321 cases of graffiti vandalism were cleared in Roseville and Sacramento with their arrest.

Friends continued to come by the memorial Monday, although they were told to leave by Caltrans construction crews who said it was too dangerous because of work being done with heavy equipment overhead.  No one was at the site Friday night or early Saturday morning when Petkov is believed to have fallen.

One neighbor said Petkov was outgoing and friendly and did not fit their image of a graffiti vandal.

Sacramento Police say they have no knowledge of anyone else who may have been at the scene during the accident.  They say the Sacramento County Coroner’s office has declared it an accident and will investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.

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