SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Turlock Unified School District will be using state money it was awarded to help combat underage tobacco use at its schools, according to the Department of Justice.

It was granted $189,275 from the Tobacco Grant Program, and according to the award summary, the district plans to use the money to buy and install “vape sensors” at schools.

The district plans for the sensors to reduce the use of e-cigarettes and tobacco-related
products within its schools.

Sales taxes from cigarettes and other tobacco products fund the program. Since it began in 2017, the AG’s office said the program has handed out $170 million.

This year, another local organization that was awarded money was the Rocklin Police Department. According to the DOJ, the money will be used for community education, retail compliance checks, retail inspection and license checks and officer training.

The department also plans to do minor decoy and shoulder tap enforcement operations, which is when someone underage stands outside a store and tries to have an adult buy them tobacco or alcohol.

Other local organizations that have received money in previous years from the program include the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Elk Grove Police Department and Rancho Cordova Police Department. 

The sheriff’s office received $1,342,142 for the 2018-2019 grant year to “identify and target problematic tobacco retailers.” The award summary also stated the sheriff’s office’s Special Investigations Intelligence Bureau would do monthly “tobacco-related enforcement operations targeting licensed retailers.” 

According to the AG, the purpose of the grant program is to help reduce childhood addiction to tobacco products.