September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Grateful Mother Thanks Good Samaritans Who Confronted Alleged Attempted Kidnapper

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SACRAMENTO — A grateful mother is thanking the couple who intervened when someone allegedly tried to kidnap her 9-year-old daughter at a North Sacramento market.

“I definitely don’t know if she’d be here if you guys didn’t do what you did,” the girl’s mother told the couple while meeting them for the first time on Wednesday. “I don’t know if she’d be here. I really appreciate it.”

The mother wished to remain anonymous.

It was Sunday afternoon, in the parking lot of the Rainbow Market on Marysville Boulevard, when police say a young woman coerced Natalie’s daughter into the back of her SUV.

The girl managed to get out of the vehicle on her own, went for help at the market, which is where she met the Cotas.

“I’m very grateful that we were there, very grateful, and we have your back 100 percent,” Cryssa Cota told the mom.

As Cryssa Cota comforted the hysterical girl, Manny Cota confronted the alleged kidnapper, capturing her on cell phone video.

“I thank God I was there. I have children of my own. I’m not going to stay quiet,” Manny Cota said. “I’m gonna speak what I feel.”

Cryssa Cota knows the severity of such an ordeal, which the girl had to endure. She realizes, perhaps more than most, having survived sex trafficking at age 14, just how bad things could’ve gotten.

“My past came in at that moment and the motherly instinct in me was, ‘I have to go talk to her. I have to make sure she’s OK.’ And I was so happy when I held onto her that she was OK,” she said.

Sacramento Police arrested the woman suspected in the kidnapping attempt but have not released any information.

“I was at work at the time. It wasn’t that she has an absent parent that’s just not involved,” the girl’s mother said. “I wasn’t raised like that. I’m very involved with my child. She’s a happy, thriving little girl who’s in a loving home.”

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