Great Wolf Lodge to Bring Fun and Jobs to Manteca by 2020

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MANTECA — Kids splashing around and screaming out in joy will be the normal sights and sounds again in Manteca.

Construction on the $220 million Great Wolf Lodge Resort is well underway.

The 500-room hotel is taking shape and parts for the main attraction, the indoor waterpark, are now on site.

The Great Wolf Lodge is bringing waterslides back to the city, along with raft rides, activity areas and splash pools.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s a good opportunity for people to come out and have something to do here because it’s so hot and everybody needs something to do, for people to have fun with their families,” said Elise Presely.

Presley moved to the area after the waterslides closed. She says she’s excited for the waterpark to open.

“I going to bring my family. I’m going to try it out,” Presely stated.

Despite some pushback from people complaining about the waterpark not being open to the public the company broke ground on the 29-acre project in 2018.

No set price has been set for the day passes.

“Why would you want to rent at a lodge when you live here so I think it’s kind of good just to have a day pass,” Presely said.

However, it’s not just about waterslides; the resort will also feature a 45,000 square-foot adventure park that will include ropes courses, an arcade, mini golf and a live-action adventure game.

The year-round destination is expected to bring 500,000 people a year from all across northern California and beyond.

“I think it will be like the old Manteca waterslides. You know even though it’s indoors I think that it’s going to draw a lot of people,” Presely said.

Although many are excited, others are concerned about the traffic congestion it will bring.

But to Presley it’s worth it.

“You really can’t avoid traffic anywhere you go,” she said. There’s traffic everywhere now so in order to have it, you got to deal with the traffic so I’ll deal with it just to come and I’m pretty sure other people will too,” Presely said.

Besides bringing in thousands of visitors, Great Wolf lodge is expected to bring 500 jobs to the city.

The resort and indoor waterpark are expected to open in the first half of 2020.


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