SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Nearly a week after a man was shot and killed during a night out in downtown Sacramento, his parents are revisiting the last place their son was seen alive in hopes of finding closure. 

The parents told FOX40 that visiting the area is the start of their healing process. It’s something Deborah and Gregory Grimes never thought they would do, especially this soon. 

“Walking that green mile knowing that we’re retracing our son’s last steps,” Deborah Grimes said. “Oh man, this is really hard.” 

On Monday, Greg “Najee” Grimes was shot and killed outside a nightclub near 15th and L streets. 

The 31-year-old is the couple’s only child and he leaves behind a four-year-old son.

On Friday, his parents went to the scene of the crime for the first time, trying to figure exactly where “Najee” was during the moments leading up to the shooting. 

“He came out of this door,” Deborah Grimes said. “And this is where he hit the ground?”

To help put together the pieces, both Deborah and Gregory were able to hear their son’s night out through a video posted on social media. 

“He was surrounded by friends and he was loving, like every moment,” Deborah Grimes said. 

But being in the place of her son’s murder and watching his last few moments only makes Deborah wish she was able to save him.

As it approaches a week without their son. Deborah and Gregory Grimes said they wouldn’t have been able to get through the past few days without the help of the community.

“Just like walking to that site, step by step,” Deborah Grimes said. “So that’s what it’s like for us honestly. Every moment is step by step. 

Sacramento Police told FOX40 the case is still under investigation and there are currently no updates on a suspect.