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GRIDLEY, Calif. (KTXL) — A man impersonating an FBI agent, who escaped custody in Bakersfield for shooting people at a Trump rally with rubber bullets, was arrested by Gridley police Tuesday.

Gridley police say the arrest was a result of a traffic stop on a black Tahoe Chevrolet near Highway 99 and Cherry Street. 

When officers approached the car, they noticed a hat on the dashboard that had “FBI” in white lettering. Police said officers also noticed the car had the appearance of a “current or former law enforcement service vehicle.” 

The driver identified himself as Aaron Joseph Anderson and told officers he was a “special agent hunting a violent pedophile,” according to police. 

Police say Anderson alerted officers to the weapons he had in his car. 

As officers talked to Anderson, they learned that he was not a special agent and detained him while they searched his car for anything else that could be related to him being a “special agent.”

Police say they found a replica sawed-off shotgun, a Billy club, .68 caliber rubber bullets, numerous CO2 cartridges, a large machete and a Taser flashlight. 

After Anderson’s arrest, the Gridley Police Department learned he had been arrested by Bakersfield police for allegedly shooting people at a President Donald Trump rally with rubber bullets. He later escaped after having been transported to a hospital. 

Anderson was booked into the Butte County Jail, according to police.