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OAK PARK — The Petros family just got the keys to their new home Saturday thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento.

Felekech Petros is a single mother who works several jobs to support her son, elderly mother and her younger sister, who is currently in nursing school.

Petros and her family came to the United States from Ethiopia in 2002 and for the past six years the family had been living in an overcrowded, two-bedroom apartment.

Abael Genrewold, Petros’ son, says she is a hard worker and he is thrilled to see his mom in a nice home with her own room.

“It makes me feel comfortable because now she gets to sleep in peace,” Abael said.

Genrewold, who hopes to be a civil engineer, slept on the couch in their old apartment. Now, he also has his own room with privacy and space to study.

The family, along with many volunteers, spent 500 hours working side-by-side since March to complete their new home.

“I work for an organization that brings people together everyday to do something positive for someone else,” said Habitat for Humanity Interim CEO, Leah Miller.

The home was also made possible through the financial support of River City Bank, Youth Build and Wells Fargo.