Hate Speech Fallout at Oakmont Continues as Assembly Does not go as Planned

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An assembly held by the principal at Oakmont High School Friday was meant to talk to students about the recent hate messages graffitied on the school’s campus.

But students quickly posted to Twitter when, many say, the meeting didn’t go as planned.

By 10:29 a.m. one student tweeted:

[principal] “Hasty kicks out a black student from his meeting and preaches that Oakmont practices racial equality.”

Another student tweeted that this only happened “after the student repeatedly disrupted the [principal’s] speech.”

Other students FOX40 spoke to off campus said the senior was laughing during the assembly.

The student who was escorted out told FOX40 off camera Friday that he did not interrupt the assembly and the principal confused him with another classmate.

Still, he obliged.

District officials would not discuss what happened inside the assembly, but did respond to the four hateful messages discovered on the walls of Oakmont High Wednesday.

One of them read “white power.”

“We are deeply concerned that there is an element in this community who is vandalizing property and spreading the message of hate,” Brad Basham with the Roseville Joint Unified School District told FOX40.

“I think it’s kind of a despicable act. School is not an appropriate venue for something like that,” parent Jimmie Noell told FOX40.

Wednesday’s incident comes just five months after 13 Oakmont students were accused with a hate crime after leaving cotton balls at the house of a black student, along with online communication that said “[n-words] should be sent back to the cotton fields.”

District officials say they have no evidence that the vandal or vandals who targeted the school Wednesday were students.

“We are offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for vandalizing the Oakmont campus,” Basham told FOX40 Friday.

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