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Mandi Koba — for the first time on television — putting her voice and her face to her accusations against Mayor Kevin Johnson, accusations that others have told on her behalf for decades.

“He undressed me … everything but my socks. He removed his clothing. We were both in bed naked,” she said.

She then described a supposed shower together.

“He rubbed soap all over my body, including my breasts and in between my legs,” she said.

It’s what Koba told HBO’s “Real Sports” happened when she was just a teen and Sacramento’s mayor was a Phoenix Sun, something she says she took money from him to stay quiet about — a choice she regrets now.

“I just wanted other girls to be protected. I blamed myself for years and years. Others have been hurt that wouldn’t have been hurt,” she said.

HBO spent about 20 minutes on a string of sexual misconduct allegations that began 20 years ago.

Johnson himself refuted Koba’s claims specifically in direct questioning on the same show back in 2008.

KJ’s former campaign manager, Steve Maviglio, spoke out about Koba.

“I’m in the ‘this again’ camp.  There’s nothing new here.  It’s regurgitated charges from 20 years ago that have been looked at by law enforcement and dismissed.  And uh… I think for the people in Sacramento, there’s nothing new here at all,” he said.

Maviglio says a new reporter at HBO started digging into these details seven months ago, after the website Deadspin rehashed Koba’s claims with video of her teen-self talking to police.

“I know for a fact, because I provided them some information and documents,” said Maviglio.

Then he says HBO crews spent seven weeks on Sacramento soil trying to break some new details — but failed.

More recent alleged KJ victims like former city aide Estrellita Muller weren’t interviewed for the piece, but staff from the school the mayor started — Saint Hope — were.

“He flipped the edge of the skirt up and then put his hand on my thigh,” Amanda Thomas said in the HBO piece.

Again, claims that never progressed to an arrest.

As the segment aired, Mayor Kevin Johnson was not at city council —  instead out trying to recruit a new med-tech firm to the city, according to his spokesman.

Via Twitter, Koba declined an interview with FOX40 about the HBO piece — something that makes Maviglio wonder about the motivation for her TV debut.

“We’re not sure if she was paid for this. Deadpsin sorta waffled when they were asked about this,” he said.

“She’s still not talking to the Bee, because the Bee doesn’t pay.”

The mayor nor his spokesman would comment about this HBO segment on camera.

Part of a written statement provided, reads “it’s unfortunate that this previously addressed issue has once again been rehashed instead of using the opportunity to tell the ongoing story of a community renaissance led by residents working closely with one of their own, a professional athlete turned Mayor, to make Sacramento a better place.”