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SOUTH SACRAMENTO — A South Sacramento Church was thanking God for the kindness of strangers Tuesday.

“I was asking God for help and he sent help, he sent his angels,” said Meribeth Bean.

A smile of relief spread across Bean’s face as she watched her personal “angels” repair a leaking pipe outside of her church.

“These are the people that make it happen, just neighbors of yours and mine,” Bean said.

Plumbers originally told Bean the fix would cost $9,000 to $10,000, money her church doesn’t have.

So the 72-year-old took matters into her own hands. She spent Monday digging with a shovel and pick-ax.

“We were blessed with Channel 40 getting the story out on television,” Bean said.

Less than an hour after FOX40’s story aired, Bean got a call from Fig’s Plumbing. Daniel Figueroa offered to find and fix the leak for free.

“It kind of touched me and my wife’s hearts to come out today and just help her out,” Figueroa said. “And use the talent and gift that God has given us. We just wanted to give back, you know?”

With the pipe repaired, the church’s water was back up and running.

Bean said she could not be more grateful for a kind stranger willing to help dig her out of a hole.

“We have angels all around our city and we have angels next door to us if we just talk to each other and get to know each other,” Bean said.