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The CEO of the Corinthian Colleges System announced Sunday that they would be immediately closing — shutting down 28 campuses and leaving 16,000 students in limbo about the future of their education.

The tagline for Heald College was “Get in. Get out. Get out. Get ahead.” But Meiasha Bradley is not feeling “ahead” now.

Bradley received an email this morning telling her not to come to class Monday because Heald College is closing its doors for good.

“It’s kind of emotional to me because … it’s something that I planned to do. I planned to graduate,” said Michelle Turner, who, along with Bradley, only had one quarter to complete before graduation.

They would have received their diplomas in July.

The closure came as California’s attorney general was pressuring Heald owner, Corinthian Colleges, over accusations of predatory advertising techniques and misrepresentations of student job placement after graduation.

Heald says that pressure scared away potential buyers from the troubled campuses. In a press release announcing the closure, the for-profit college’s CEO said they have done everything in their power for their students.

“We believe that we have attempted to do everything within our power to provide a quality education and an opportunity for a better future for our students,” Jack Massimino said in a statement.

Bradley has a whole stack of books at home that she just bought. She said they are useless to her now.

What’s worse, she said, is that she just took out a student loan and paid for the upcoming quarter of college that she won’t be attending.

“All of our money posted. The school got paid,” Bradley said.

Meanwhile, Bradley said she heard many of the credits she has already earned at Heald won’t transfer to other schools.

You can read the full statement from Corinthian Colleges, here.