Health care professionals deliver letter calling for firing of Rancho Cordova officer

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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) — A 14-year-old boy who gained national attention after being detained by a Rancho Cordova police officer is now getting support from the medical community.

Tuesday morning, health care providers gathered outside the Rancho Cordova Police Department headquarters to call for the firing of Officer Brian Fowell.  

“Dear Chief Adams, as health professionals, we are appalled by the video of Rancho Cordova Police Officer Brian Fowell assaulting a 14-year-old child,” Dr. Ian Kim read from a letter signed by approximately 350 medical professionals. “One hundred twenty-six of these signers live here, practice medicine here.”

“Police Chief Adams, the communities of the Sacramento region are watching you. Beyond California, health professionals in 23 states and the District of Colombia signed this letter. Rancho Cordova, the nation is watching you,” Kim continued.

Several of the doctors and nurses involved in the petition read the full letter in front of the police department and talked about the potential mental health impacts of what they call excessive force.

“Trauma is a grave threat to physical and mental health, especially in children,” Dr. MK Orsulak said. 

They also expressed concern that the incident could have effects on the entire community’s relationship with police.

“Officer Brian Fowell is a threat to the community and should no longer be allowed to carry a gun, or a badge or injure our community under the guise of authority,” emergency room registered nurse Asantewaa Boykin said. 

When they tried to deliver the letter to Rancho Cordova Police Chief Kate Adams, they encountered locked doors as multiple employees watched from upstairs windows.

The health care professionals taped the letter to the front door and said they will also try to send it in the mail and deliver it electronically.


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