Heartbroken Family Says Beloved Pet Was Deliberately Poisoned with Antifreeze

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A Sacramento family is mourning the loss of their beloved dog. They believe foul play is involved after their veterinarian discovered antifreeze toxins in the dog's system.

The family said in the past few years, they have seen people kick their animals near their home, and even throw meat with barbed ocean fish hooks over the fence. But what happened this week was the worst thing they had ever experienced.

"She was the one who was like, look how fast I am, I can catch this bird!" laughed William Bish of Antelope.

He is talking about Scrappy, the energetic Jack Russell terrier who came to the Bish household 10 years ago.

"She was actually a Christmas gift when I was in 8th grade," Bish said.

"He was just kind of a lonely kid, and we got him a dog to be his best friend," his mother, Christine Bish, said.

The puppy and teen grew together into a dog and a man. They ran, they played, they shared an inseprable bond. Until last Monday when his mother, Christine Bish, noticed Scrappy was not being herself.

She rushed to the vet hospital, carrying a dazed and lethargic Scrappy.

"They knew as soon as they saw her, what was wrong with her," Christine Bish said.

They skipped the regular check-in and went straight to the surgery room.

The veterinary team told her Scrappy was suffering from antifreeze poisoning. Her body was swelling. She went into cardiac arrest.

Scrappy died a few hours later.

"Kind of upsetting when I got that phone call the other morning," William said.

According to the Humane Society, antifreeze contains a highly toxic material called ethelyne glycol, which has an inviting aroma and sweet flavor.

Many times it is left in puddles, which often harms animals who take a sip.

But the Bish family was told by doctors, this was no accident.

"They had no access to the garage, and then the doctor said the amount of toxin that was inside of her, had to have been deliberate," Christine Bish said.

"I honestly feel bad for the person who did this because if they are that messed up and that sick in the head that they have to kill little animals, they have a lot more problems to worry about," William Bish said.

The 22-year-old said he is staying strong for the sake of his other pets. But inside, he misses Scrappy dearly.

"Scrappy was his girl. And it breaks my heart to see my son hurting," Christine Bish said.

The family has since filed a police report to try to catch whoever led Scrappy to have a long and painful death.

They are offering a reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

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