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SACRAMENTO — Gray skies brought the Sacramento Valley much needed rainfall Tuesday, but with the puddles pooling on the pavement came the hazards on the highway.

“We’re absolutely seeing a lot of accidents right now,” said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Carlisle, from the scene of a big rig overturned on southbound Highway 99 near Elkhorn Boulevard, blanketing the roadway with the rice it was carrying.

This as the truck driver tried to avoid a Toyota Corolla that was spinning out of control, the result of slick road conditions, according to Carlisle, who says this wouldn’t be their last call of the day.

“We are, in our line of work, expecting or getting ready for more accidents,” Carlisle said. “It’s all streaming at us.”

Jason Clapp at the National Weather Service says before this storm moved in, the city of Sacramento was already at 134 percent of normal when it comes to rainfall. This latest round of rain added to it.

“This first one, flood watch,” Clapp said. “You may see some flooding in the foothills.”

He says low-lying streams in the valley might overflow, which could keep Caltrans crews busy with road maintenance, as the rain continued to fall even harder throughout the evening.

“Sometimes you may have clogged drains in crates that need to be cleared of debris, or any kind of flooding that happens,” said David Keaton with Caltrans.

As the rain continued to fall, officials on all fronts urge drivers to remain diligent behind the wheel.