(KTXL) — With Halloween around the corner, here are some helpful tips that Sacramento County shared to stay safe during the holiday.


Sacramento County advises picking costumes that do not interfere with your vision along with adding reflective tape to both the front and back of dark costumes. They also say to use accessories that are soft or flexible.


Before trick-or-treating, it is important for kids to have a healthy snack or light meal, according to Sacramento County.

When trick-or-treating, kids should bring a flashlight with them and take safe routes by always staying on the sidewalk and looking both ways before crossing the street at a crosswalk.

Those who are driving on Halloween should slow down and be alert for children that could be crossing the street.

Parents should inspect candy once their children get home looking for tampering in the wrapper, unusual discoloration, pinholes in the wrappers, or tears in wrappers. Throw suspicious candy away and do not eat any homemade treats.

Sacramento County reminds parents to inform teachers or any supervising adult of what their child’s allergies are before Halloween.

For those handing out candy, remember to turn out outside lights and put battery-lit candles inside carved pumpkins instead of lit candles.