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ORANGEVALE — Twelve-year-old Jet Massagli was doing wheelies on his bike Friday in his Orangevale neighborhood when a man walking on the corner suddenly got his attention.

“I saw an old man face-first down in the concrete,” Jet told FOX40.

The 87-year-old tripped on uneven concrete and face planted.

“It kind of scared me because I thought he was gonna pass out or something ’cause (blood) was running, dripping all over his clothes and all over the ground,” Jet said. “I came over and said, ‘Sir, are you OK?'”

“I was trying to use the phone and it was bloody. It was all bloody, I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t see it,” said Chuck Martin, recalling the moments after he fell. “So this was really helpful. Really so enormous because I could’ve bled out fairly quickly.”

Being on blood thinners, Martin knew he needed medical aid right away. So he gave Jet his home address and asked the Carnegie Middle School student to go alert his wife to what happened.

“I rode on my bike as fast as I could ’cause I was worried he was going to pass out,” Jet said.

Once Jet broke the news to Martin’s wife, Lizbeth, he hurried back and sat by Martin’s side until help arrived.

Nothing was broken but Martin’s injuries required stitches and antibiotics for an infection that set in.

Marton says he’s forever grateful to Jet for taking quick action and showing true kindness.

“I’m just proud as can be,” Martin told FOX40. “I’m just really happy to meet this guy and to get to know him.”

“It could’ve been an extremely dangerous situation if not for Jet,” Lizbeth Martin said.

“I’m just proud for him. He did a good job,” said Jet’s mother, Jian.

The caring seventh-grader volunteers his time at the Shadow Glen Stables on the weekends.

“He’s a very hard worker and I can tell you he genuinely cares about people,” said his father, Jeff. “I’ve seen that a lot in his life.”

“Jet’s a hero,” Lizbeth Martin said. “He just doesn’t save old men, he also helps with horses and nature.”

Jet says after this experience he’s thinking about being a sheriff’s deputy or a dentist so he can continue to help people.