Herons, Egrets Bring Noise, Mess to Sacramento’s Pocket Neighborhood

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SACRAMENTO — Many people living in the Pocket neighborhood of Sacramento have been dealing with herons and egrets nesting in the area, which have brought with them plenty of problems.

Gary Knepple has called the Pocket area home for more than two decades. But for the last two years, he’s been receiving an unwanted wakeup call from a new neighbor nestled in the trees above his home.

“But they can be noisy at times and they just have just a way of just kind of being a little annoying sometimes,” he told FOX40.

“People can expect a little bit of noise and a little bit of poop,” said Christy Berger, who volunteers with the Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue Group.

Berger said the birds start building their nests in the trees in April. She said the area near a few apartment complexes along Windbridge Drive is where many of the birds have chosen to lay their eggs.

“In the early mornings, it might be a little bit louder when the babies are waking up and saying, ‘Hey, feed me,’” she said.

Many people living nearby said the noise usually wakes them up in the middle of the night or early morning. Others complained about the birds leaving behind a mess on their cars.

“I park my truck in the garage, so I don’t get that part. But you know other things happen in the yard … get dumped on, so to speak,” Knepple said.

Berger said volunteers frequently pick up fallen or injured babies while going from door to door, letting people living in the area know about the birds and their habits.

“During nesting season it’s illegal to tamper with the nesting, the eggs, the babies, any of that,” Berger said.

While Knepple admitted the birds are beautiful, he said he’s waiting until August when the birds are expected to leave — at least until next year.

“I’d rather have the doors and windows open and the Delta breeze going on,” he said.

If you’d like to know more about what to do if you see an injured heron or egret near your home, you can contact the Sacramento Egret and Heron Rescue Group at 916-542-BIRD (2473).


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