STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — It’s not just on land that people are feeling the pinch at the pump but also on the water.

At Bullfrog Landing Marina, boaters pull up to the dock, grab a pump and quickly fill up. Right now, it costs $6.95 a gallon for regular, and although that’s a lot more than boaters were paying this time last year, it’s not stopping some families from getting out on the water.

“It’s been hot, but it’s been a great day,” Chuck Prevedelli said. 

The Prevedelli family is enjoying every minute of their family vacation. But their days out on the water now cost more than ever.

“Outrageous. They are high but what are you going to do,” Prevedelli said.

On this stop to fill up, Prevedelli spent $96 dollars and his tank wasn’t even empty.

“We were $2.99 regular a year ago, and now it’s $6.95. And it seems to be going up even more,” Carl Wenske, manager at the marina, said.

He said gas prices have nearly tripled since last year, affecting business and the number of people going there.

“We’ve seen a lot of remorse from people, and they’re sad about it but a good percentage of them say they’re still going to boat,” Wenske said. “But they’ve definitely cut back on their boating.”

As for the Prevedellis, they don’t plan on letting these high gas prices affect their summer fun.

The manager at the marina is not optimistic that the gas prices will go down anytime soon, so he’s really hoping people keep going out regardless of the pain at the pump.