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Dozens of cases on which former Solano County Dr. Susan Hogan worked, dating back to 2009, are under review.

“There are many cases which she has testified to cause of death and now there are serious issues about her credibility that could have a very big impact on a lot of cases,” defense attorney Leslie Prince said.

Some are already under review, including the shooting death of Vallejo Police Officer Jim Capoot and the alleged kidnap, rape and murder of 13-year-old Genelle Conway-Allen, whose body was found in Alan Witt Park.

Prince defended a client who was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

“It is a case that I am considering filing a habeas petition in Superior Court based on all this nearly discovered evidence that relates to Dr. Hogan’s credibility,” Prince said.

The victim was beaten then eventually shot several hours later.

“Dr. Hogan testified that he would’ve died from the beating in the house,” Prince said. “That issue makes a huge difference to whether or not someone’s facing felony murder and life in prison, or an acquittal.”

Judge Dan Healy issued a court order on Monday, at the request of numerous defense attorneys.  Lawyers contend that Dr. Hogan’s competency, should have been disclosed as possible exculpatory evidence.

He ruled that concerns over Hogan’s five years as medical examiner be turned over to the district attorney and public defender.

That could also affect another case defended by prince.

Hogan testified the Travis Dairy clerk’s injuries during a robbery were caused by an assault – contradicting prior testimony that the injuries were caused by a fall.

“Whether or not the victim’s injuries were caused by having been assaulted by one of the co-defendants, or whether they could have been the result of having fallen during the incident,”  Prince added.

A final decision on Dr. Hogan’s cases could be decided Thursday, during a hearing in Judge Healy’s courtroom.

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